3 Team Building Activities To Tap Into Your Creative Side

It can sometimes be easy to lose sight of our creativity during the typical day-to-day in the office, but when your employees are thinking outside the box, it can be a huge boost for your business. Creativity can help with everything from customer service to problem solving to just coming up with better ways to be more productive everyday. So why not consider a company team building event designed specifically to tap into your group’s creative side? Your team will have fun, go home with something awesome, and leave ready to tackle life back in the office with a fresh eye for clever problem solving.

Below are two of our favorite team building companies with awesome creative benefits:

  • ThinkingVine –  The wonderful team at ThinkingVine is all about creative, collaborative team building. ThinkingVine’s mission is to fuel a team building experience that focuses on unique art creation (think mosaics, painting, embossing, or wire sculptures) in order to motivate and inspire your employees.
  • The Art Studio – The Art Studio is dedicated to crafting a unique team building activity that’s perfect for your team’s specific needs. They promote creativity outside the office and are considered one of the top art studios in New York. No art skill is required to enjoy an afternoon with your team relaxing, getting inspired, and expressing yourself!