Team Building in the Gym? An Emerging Trend In The Industry

Bonding over a good workout is quickly becoming a favorite team building activity for several companies in the Portland, Oregon area! According to local news station KGW, Portland businesses are incorporating a little exercise and sweat into their team building routine.

These companies (Energy350, Sitworks Design Build, HIS Innovations, and HUGE-Portland, among others) are hiring personal trainers to work with their employees a couple of times a week. Employees are encouraged to workout at their own pace while still enjoying group-style training exercises or exercises designed to produce healthy competition. Some of the exercises are specially designed to promote team building while still offering a worthwhile workout.

One huge perk of this new team building trend is that the personal trainers are coming to the employees. There’s no traveling involved – and no more excuses about not having time to hit the gym before or after work. Whether it’s in a conference room or outside in the parking lot, team members are working out at work, and they’re loving it.

“I think it increases productivity and gives us an opportunity to work together as a team. The team building during the workouts is pretty fun, the competitive nature of all of us kind of comes out,” one employee of Energy350 told KGW.

So what do you think of this growing company team building phenomenon? Is it something you’d like to see at your own office or would you rather leaving working out for the gym? Let us know in the comments!