4 Quick Team Building Activities You Can Do Today

While we like to talk about team building events and activities that you can do as a chance to get out of the office and recharge for an afternoon, there’s still something to be said for quick team building activities you can do anywhere. Is your budget for team building not quite what you’d like it to be? Or maybe you’re between company events but don’t want all the progress your team made at their last outing to fade into the sunset. Perhaps you’re just looking for a few fun activities to liven up your next meeting. No matter what your reasons are, HLNTV.com has put together a great list of four team building activities you can do today.

  • Mad Libs Mission Statement – HLNTV.com suggests printing out copies of your company’s mission statement while leaving several blank lines where key words would ordinarily be. It’s up to your team members to fill in the blanks!
  • 2 Truths & a Lie – This is a fun game no matter who you’re playing with! Each person announces three statements about themselves. One of those statements is true, while two are false. Team members will go around and guess which is true and which are the lies – and they’ll learn fun facts about their coworkers in the process!
  • Find the Common Thread – Is there one hobby, activity, or even TV show that your entire team enjoys? It’s their job to find out. Once the group settles on an activity that unites them, instruct them to put together a list of assumptions, stereotypes, or judgments that are typically associated with people who enjoy this activity. It’s a quick way to emphasize the risks of stereotyping while also encouraging your team members to find what they have in common.
  • The Perfect Square – In this interactive activity, your team members will stand in a circle before being blindfolded. Once you’re sure no one can see, have each person hold onto a rope tied together at its ends. Your team’s challenge is to turn their circle into a perfect square without removing their blindfolds. It’s an activity that really promotes communication and leadership skills – and it may give you new insights in your team members’ personalities, too!

There you have it. Four quick, easy team building activities you can do at your next meeting – all without leaving the office!