Pizza A Casa Pizza School

What They Do: A really fun and fresh cooking class based around one of America’s all time favourite foods- the New York Pizza!

How They Do it:  From making the dough to eating the goods, they will teach your team the fine art of pizza-creation.

What makes them Special: Pizza is what they do. That is all they will do. They don’t get distracted by popular food trends and they don’t overcomplicate things. They teach your team how to make fantastic New York Style pizza, simple, fun and effective!

Quotes from the Website:

“Pizza a Casa Pizza School provides a thoroughly entertaining education paired with a gourmet bonding experience that your group will delight in attending and be buzzing about for a long time to come”

“Simply translated from Italian, “pizza a casa” means “pizza at home”.  But it’s so much more than that — it’s a social happening that brings people closer together, united in the love of creating and sharing good food. At Pizza a Casa Pizza School, fostering this spirit of culinary camaraderie has been our mission since day one.”

Who should you contact:

[email protected]

Pizza A Casa Pizza School

371 Grand Street, New York, NY 10002

Visit their website here