The Go Game Guys

What They Do: Essentially, the team will spend time playing together, in a what seems to be a organizedly chaotic atmosphere.

How They Do it: They have lots of games to choose from, and they will spend some time with you to make sure your team will get the most out of their time together- big on proper planning and customizing!

What makes them Special: These people know how to have fun, but at the same time, they will take care of you from beginning to end to make sure you are getting what you came for. They’ve taken a great idea and put it into functional practice.

Contact Information:  [email protected]


Site Quotes:

“Play like it’s your job: Outrageously fun real-world adventures to build strong teams.”

“The Go Game will braid you all into a friendship bracelet of professional effectiveness that will be the envy of your professional peers.”

“Technology has been an integral part of the Go Game from the beginning”